Friday, March 09, 2007

Symbolic Sound Kyma X

In 2004, Matteo Milani met electronic music pioneer Carla Scaletti, creator with Kurt Hebel of Kyma system, a language for specifying, manipulating and combining sounds.
Kyma is a visual sound design environment that runs on your Macintosh or Windows PC. It's a graphical language for creating, modifying, and combining sounds.
Kyma is an unusually open-ended, flexible, and real-time controllable environment for creating new sounds. Kyma provides you with hundreds of basic modules and over a thousand complex examples that you can combine to create your own synthesis algorithms, your own effects algorithms, and your own forms of sample manipulation that can be performed in real time with responsive controls.
The interview is available both in Italian and English (pdf).

Kyma X Revealed!
Sound clips.

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