Friday, March 27, 2020

#OUTNOW: Wasted Planet

In this surreal moment where a hypnotic silence takes hold of our cities, where the Internet makes us feel closer than ever, I am extremely happy to announce the release of Wasted Planet, a disc composed together with my friend Giovanni Dettori and published by Miraloop Diamonds. The album is the result of a long experimentation and research of new timbres and atmospheres between classical and electronic. The fusion between the depth of acoustic instruments belonging to the orchestral world and the detail of abstract sound textures, has allowed us to create suggestions with a cinematographic flavor, an omen of an uncertain future.
An ideal alternative soundtrack to reflect during our long quarantine period? Maybe ... the answer is yours!
Thanks to Feyzi Brera (Violin, Viola), Engjellushe Bace (Violin), Stefano (French Horn) and Micol Pisanu (Soprano) for the masterful performances.
Happy listening!