Matteo Milani is a sound designer and composer living in Milan, Italy. He started his career at the end of the 80’s in radio stations, cutting inches of music on analogue tape. In the mid 90’s he pioneered the rising of digital audio workstations. Now, he’s composing music in unusual forms, from mobile devices to virtual spaces. Maker of ideas, projects such as the Unseen Noises Library and the Lis10er App on the iPhone platform. Investigate and create music on mobile devices that transform in real-time the sonic environment. 

Federico Placidi is a composer and sound designer living in Rome, Italy. Since the year 1993, he’s been working with several composers and performers as sound designer and live-electronics technician, thus developing his personal sound library and tools. He also worked as a sound editor / designer for numerous full-feature movies. His music ranges from “concrete” acoustic to experimental. 

Contact: unidentified.sound.object (at) gmail (dot) com