Friday, March 09, 2007

Recombinant Art 01 - DVD - 5.0 surround in DVDA, DTS, AC3

Recombinant Art 01 (RA01) is the first surround sound disc created exclusively by artists using the Kyma audio workstation. This DVDA disc of exceptional music contains a varied selection of compositions from artists around the world. Each piece of music was mixed in a surround sound format, and is presented as a high quality uncompressed DVDA 5.1 mix. RA01 is a hybrid disc. It's primary format is DVD Audio, but it also includes a video layer of the same music in DTS and AC3 formats, making the disc compatible with all current design DVD players. As a novel touch each contributing artist supplied a 30 second encapsulation of their work, incorporating a predefined set of five sound samples as well as a sample from their respective work. Each of these 30 second "commercials" precedes the work of the artist.
Kyma is the sound design workstation from Symbolic Sound Corporation, used on every composition on RA01. Kyma is software that uses the dedicated DSP processing of the Capybara Sound Engine to create a true realtime music construction environment. Realtime processing allows the user to react quickly and intuitively in the sound creation processs. This interactive link to a "thinking machine" was the inspiration for the recombinant in Recombinant Art 01.

RA01 is available for purchase from CDeMUSIC.

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