Monday, October 03, 2011

Richard Beggs @ P.A.I.F.F.

From Apocalypse Now to Twixt: Sound Design with Richard Beggs

I have a masters in painting and it remains the motif of my work. I am an audio painter. #

I work thematically I like sounds that are motific. #

I have a very idiosyncratic work style... I like to be involved w/ every aspect of the track as the picture moves forward. #

Very important to be on the set, to absorb the feelings of the whole crew & to be in tune w/ the sensibility of the Director. #

The film exists on 2 levels: the sound that you see and sound that you don't see. #

I am in the biz of manipulating people. Sound can do that. #

Sound can convey emotional complexity without music, just with pure sound. #

When someone wants to work with me, I always asks "Why?" Because it informs what they know about me + what they like. #

On a smaller pictures you're given a lot of latitude, on the other hand limited resources make things challenging. #

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