Friday, September 27, 2019

OUT NOW: Kyma Ambiences vol.2

Kyma Ambiences vol.2 contains 100 abstract and evolving ambiences created with our beloved Kyma sound design workstation.
Due to the increasing demand of spatialized content for game and VR/AR project, this inspiring collection has been entirely designed as a spherical representation of sound natively in 3rd Order Ambisonics by generating all the Sounds in Kyma and mastering them in Pro Tools through a custom analog setup.

Create a truly immersive and dystopian atmosphere with the 2nd volume of the classic Kyma Ambiences sound effects library.


Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Kyma Ambisonic Toolkit

NeverEngine Labs presents KAT, the first realtime #Ambisonic synthesis library for the Kyma sound design language - it's been a pleasure working with Cristian Vogel and Anders Tveit on the toolkit development!

What is Ambisonics? 


Ambisonics is a method for recording, mixing and playing back a 360-degree sphere of sound coming from different directions around a center point. This center point is where the listener’s sweet spot is located while playing back. Ambisonics can create a smooth, stable and continuous sphere of sound, complete with elevation, where sounds are easily represented as coming from above, below, in front or behind the user. Ambisonics is “speaker-agnostic.” It can be decoded to any speaker array or headphones, without being restricted by the limitations of any specific playback system.