Friday, September 20, 2013

Yuri Esposito @ 70th Venice Film Festival

by Matteo Milani - U.S.O. Project, 2013

Yuri Esposito is a film that I recently supervised (as sound designer and ambient music designer) which got its world premiere during the 70th Venice Film Festival, with the support of Biennale College – Cinema. "Yuri Esposito" is a man whose slowness pervades every action in his life and comes to constitute its essence, but his perennial lethargy is challenged by a surprise paternity. It's directed by Alessio Fava - I previously worked with him on the ironic science fiction short film “Project Genesis” set in a future in which the machines give life to human beings (you can watch it here).


Press quotes: 

"The slow Yuri is a descendant of such minimalist screen clowns as Buster Keaton and Pierre Etaix; and Fava’s assured directorial sense touches on the signal difference between Hollywood movies and art films: pace. The slow Yuri is an art film in the bustle of a multiplex world". - Richard and Mary Corliss @

"The Italian film, “Yuri Esposito” — really stands out as a commercial entity. At yesterday’s panel, Stephanie Zacharek of the Village Voice praised it, and Richard Corliss of Time Magazine said it was one of the four or five best films in the entire festival. I like it very much as well (...) It’s funny, sad, a character study, a fable . . . and a very good movie". - Mick LaSalle @

"That quite fragile balance between comedy and drama lead to a true sentimental and somehow bittersweet film. The linear narration, despite the initial idea, doesn’t boast of creativity but it is worked nicely and fulfills all the initial expectations for a charming film". - 24 fois la vérité par seconde24 

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