Saturday, August 04, 2007

IGN Exclusive Interview: Andrew Stanton

The director of Finding Nemo and the forthcoming Wall-E talks about his latest cinematic creation.

How much of the voice cast in Wall-E was driven by Ben Burtt, the sound designer, as opposed to recruiting familiar names and faces?

Stanton: I think if you look back at the last couple of movies we don't go for names just for names' sake. It's pretty random if we happen to catch somebody that's on the up; even Tom Hanks and Tim Allen weren't as big in '92 as how they became by '95 -- even that was chance. So we just found that the only way to guarantee that the movie was going to be good was that you get the best voice cast for that character, so that when you watch them you're not going, "Oh, that's Jim Carrey." You want to go that's the character. It's great if it's somebody famous and can help the marketing of the movie, but that's never going to drive why we choose the talent.

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