Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sonic Garden Lab, 2007

Giardino Sonoro presents:
Giardino Sonoro La Limonaia dell'Imperialino, Sonic Garden Lab
set up '07
Opening 24/25/26 may 2007
h. 10:00-19:00

U.S.O. Project (Unidentified Sound Object)
Matteo Milani / Federico Placidi
Research at GSLI:
archetypical abstractions and noise transfiguration

The Giardino Sonoro is the name of the Team of Environmental Designers based in Florence (Tuscany, Italy). They conduct in-house ground tests on new installations and study and develop acoustic-luminous prototypes (EEM – Expressive and Environmental Modules).
Contextually composed and designed acoustic/musical, horticultural and luminous components are the primary instruments applied by the Giardino Sonoro in restructuring and transfiguring architectural and naturalistic spaces.
These elements induce an extension of the ambiance’s capacity to express dynamically both public and individual symbolic contents, thus imparting an altered cognitive perspective on the Habitat.
  • landscape design and horticultural site management by Stefano Passerotti
  • sound design and sound composition by Lorenzo Brusci
  • audio site management: Pietro Fantoni & Andrea Torra
  • sensoristic and interactive audio site management: Giovanni Conti
  • environmental sound modules (EEM) design by Giardino Sonoro, Lorenzo Brusci, Stefano Passerotti in collaboration with Pietro Fantoni & Andrea Torra
Giardino Sonoro La Limonaia dell'Imperialino - 23, viale del Poggio Imperiale 50125 – Firenze (I-EU)

[click here for full list of Giardino Sonoro's partners and collaborators]
[official website]

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