Monday, May 21, 2007

Maker Faire 2007: On the Floor

OpenSoundControl wizard Adrian Freed had this roundup of fun interfaces for music and motion plugged into Max/MSP/Jitter. More coverage of alternative controllers for music from Make and elsewhere at Create Digital Music.

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  1. Anonymous5/25/2007

    We showed the Wii Waa pedal using the tilt features of Wii attached to a pedal (or your foot) to wirelessly control a Max/MSP patch running a vocal tract simulation.

    We also were showing how to use Wii to explore a timbre space of resonances sounds.

    We had a hacked burglar alarm floor pad that gave position of each foot so we could control the camera positioning.

    A multitouch pad made with fabric sensors was controlling the oscilloscope art graphics (done in Jitter).

    All this was mashed up the night before and in the morning of the show using the flexibility of OSC.