Monday, May 30, 2011

Introducing: Observation’s Pod

Observation’s Pod is a new section on Synesthesia Recordings where we post most of our researches’ output to the collective.
This place works as a permanent Laboratory where the product of our creative and experimental activity with sound is freely opened to the public in its raw form.

Matteo Milani, Federico Placidi

#1 Kyma Studies by synesthesiarecs

#2 Three Studies for Analog Synthesizer by synesthesiarecs

These three small works are based on the improvisational exploration of a specific configuration of the modules of Serge Modular synthesizer.
The synthesis model which was implemented is that of the Complex Feedback Frequency Modulation as shown in the artwork image: two oscillators recursively modulating that build a dynamic non-linear system exhibiting a chaotic behaviour.
In order to obtain a high timbral complexity, the waveforms generated by each oscillator are dynamically varied through the use of waveshaping modules.
All the material was created using only the patch described above, without any filter or other editing/mixing procedure.
The three short works are created on order to intuitively explore a dynamic system, while combining its output using an analogy with three well-defined poetic abstractions.

Sound & pictures by Federico Placidi


[Observation’s Pod]

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