Tuesday, March 08, 2011

U.S.O. Project @ Digital Experience Festival

Listening Points - Punti di Ascolto
This panel discussion will present a selection of sound professionals with different paths and specializations.
The exchange of experiences, procedures and areas of action, will draw lines and perspectives on possible developments of the work on sound.
From sonic branding to custom software coding, through the most advanced and immersive forms of sound and music creation, these "listening points" are starting points to think and talk together about the craft of sound design nowadays, in relation to different media and the current technological/cultural communication system.

Massimiliano Viel - composer and live media artist (Otolab / Sincronie)
Matteo Milani - sound designer and sound artist (Unidentified Sound Object / Green Movie)
Stefano Fontana - music producer, DJ and sound designer (Sound Identity)
Guido Smider - software developer and multimedia artist (Noiseplug / Smidernoise)

Moderator: Sergio Messina - musician, sound designer, journalist and teacher @ Ied Sound Design
Chairman: Painé Cuadrelli - sound designer, musician, coordinator @ Ied Sound Design

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