Saturday, February 28, 2009

SONOPEDIA Sound Design Competition Results

Blastwave FX has announced the winning composition of the SONOPEDIA Sound Design Competition (in collaboration with Post Magazine). It was designed by Weston Fonger.
What Academy Award winner Richard King had to say about Weston’s piece:

“[this piece]… gave me the strongest emotional reaction … It’s clear the sound designer was striving to tell a story – certainly an abstract one which the listener can interpret in any number of ways, but there’s a purposeful development to the sounds. The subtle moments are well done and pleasingly organic, with a very effective use of total silence in one transition, and the louder, denser sections retain their clarity. The sounds chosen stand out for their uniqueness and clarity and the mix is focused. Very good work!”

But this piece by Erik Reimers is what I like the most.
Academy Award winner Randy Thom had this to say about it:

“Designing voices for creatures and robots is probably the most difficult kind of sound design there is. [Bot vs Bee] had a nice narrative arc, it was funny, and I’m guessing the designer had to twist the raw sounds quite a bit to achieve the final result.”

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