Monday, October 27, 2008

Dustin Cawood (Skywalker Sound)

In the movie WALL·E, the story of an adorable forgotten robot who finds a new mission, Dustin Cawood was asked to be sound-effects editor by multiple Academy Award–winner Ben Burtt. Considered a pioneer in the business, Burtt is the first person to be credited with the term “sound designer” as a result of his groundbreaking work in the original Star Wars movie. Burtt was the sound designer on WALL·E, and as sound editor, Cawood took direction from Burtt.

He is candid about what it takes to break into the business of making movies, stressing the importance of learning the technical side and studying the art of motion pictures.

“Learn all of the aspects of how to tell a story through visuals and sound. Find a way to cultivate an overactive imagination. Listen even when you think there is nothing to hear. Be willing both to sacrifice and to be persistent. Learn how to network and try to find a good mentor. [...]”

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