Friday, August 29, 2008

Interview: Chris Watson

music and sound through the landscape

[photo by Valentina Musmeci]

Through performances, sound installations and field recordings, Sound Threshold explores the visual, natural, literary and acoustic landscape of the Trentino (Italy) region in conjunction with the latest research in the fields of ecology, technology and archaeology. Sound Threshold is informed by the multi-faceted relationship between music, sound and landscape outside the gallery and museum contexts.
Through a residency at Monte Bondone and Paneveggio Park, Chris Watson has been invited to explore the acoustic phenomena of Trentino and capture the atmospheres and sounds of the alpine environment. A series of sound recordings made in situ, resulting in the CD Cima Verde, present the soundscapes uncovered by Watson, which capture the change in seasons from winter to spring, the different degrees of altitude, the reawakening of sounds on the cusp between night and day and the alternating and mixing of audio signals that characterise different natural habitats.

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