Saturday, June 28, 2008

WALL-E: a wonderful array of tones

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Oscar-winning Sound Designer Ben Burtt, who came to Pixar to do both sound and character voice work on WALL-E three years ago, discussed the challenges of animation with AWN.

His favorite WALL-E sequence is actually one of the quieter ones: "Of course, I love it when we do everything that's supported by sound effects ulike when the probe ship lands and EVE comes out and WALL-E first sees her. But my favorite section is when he continues to follow her searching for life forms because there is virtually no dialogue except for a few sounds from WALL-E. It not only has a lot of suspense but also a little romance, and very much the ambience is there with the music and sound effects for support. It's just a wonderful array of tones."

Burtt will continue working at Pixar but has no idea what his next project will be. "Obviously they won't be doing a robot film right away, but I guess JOHN CARTER OF MARS might [be discussed]. There are a lot of great ones to talk about."

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