Saturday, June 14, 2008

OSCulator's fresh news

OSCulator has been featured in issue 14 of MAKE magazine and has been described as the ultimate tweakable gateway between your Wiimote and MIDI-controlled audio, as quoting Bill Byrne the author of this article.
The next version will bring a host of new features, amongst them is the direct support of the TUIO protocol used in the reacTIVIsion software (remember those illuminated cubes on the table that Björk uses live?).
The new Presets feature in OSCulator is a way to store different routing configurations and change them on the fly, wether it is by sending an OSC message, or merely clicking in the new toolbar menu. By the press of a simple click, you can turn your Lemur into a sophisticated MIDI controller or a Keyboard controller. The possibilities are infinite.

[thanks to Cam]

OSCulator Embraces the Controller
On pages 11-14 of the June 2008 of the SEAMUS newsletter, Camille Troillard discusses the past, present, and future directions of his OSCulator software.

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