Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mimmo Paladino | Brian Eno: a work for the Ara Pacis

11 March - 11 May 2008

The Ara Pacis Museum, the first piece of contemporary architecture to appear in the historic centre of Rome since the 1940s, is hosting this contemporary arts event between Brian Eno and Mimmo Paladino.

Brian Eno – "a non-musician kind of musician” as he likes to describe himself, is the man behind “Generative Music”, the precursor to New Age music, as well as a video-artist, sculptor, artist, and music philosopher who is also a more than capable player of a variety of musical instruments.
The two men have put their heads and combined talents together and come up with a unique work designed to fits the spaces inside the Ara Pacis Museum.
For his part, Brian Eno wanted to create a musical background that has no words, no melody, no rhythm and never plays over in exactly the same way twice. The music and sounds he produces are a long way from being a mere soundtrack that runs behind Paladino’s sculptures and artwork but are rather something that is completely separate from them and yet somehow also strongly connected to them. Unlike classical music, where the sounds are organised in a precise pattern, Eno works with musical values that waft through the air independently of each other.

The starting point for both Eno and Paladino is the concept of deconstructing their work and repeating modules that typify their creative inspiration. By stretching and flattening single sounds or themes and putting all the pieces together the two artists manage to obtain a harmonious whole.

[Eno. The music of the mind]

[Paladino/Eno at Ara Pacis]

[a conversation with Paladino]

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