Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Art of Sound

While most people associate “soundtrack” with a recorded film score, the term actually describes a motion picture’s total sound content, from music and dialogue to a wide range of sound effects.

Talented professionals can make the precise and even delicate process of assembling a soundtrack appear to be a simple, straightforward task. Yet in almost any film sequence, sound editors and mixers must select and manipulate dozens of sound elements for realism, coherence and emotional impact while steering clear of the sort of cacophony that may be true-to-life, but does little to support a story.

The Art of Sound” will feature clips from each of the motion pictures nominated for a 2007 Academy Award® in the Sound Mixing and Sound Editing categories. Academy Sound Branch governor and 20-time nominee Kevin O’Connell will moderate an onstage discussion with the mixers and editors who took home Oscars® for their work.

[via oscars.org]

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