Monday, July 30, 2007

More on WALL-E at Comic Con 2007

Andrew Stanton: "One thing I knew in the beginning is I didn’t want to have dialogue in the traditional sense. In order to stay true to the integrity of the inanimate object, I really wanted to view most of it’s personality through how it was constructed. And it’s a metal box, a piece of electronics. I’m basically making R2-D2 the movie."


Stanton introduced "Star Wars" veteran Ben Burtt, who is doing sound design on the film. He played samples of the various robots sound effects then showed animation samples of the robots.
He wasn't sure if he'd be working on Indiana Jones 4 since the WALL•E schedule was going to overlap with its schedule. WALL•E is his first priority.

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Ben Burtt: "I would love to be involved. Its kinda a tradition but Wall E and Indiana Jones have the same schedule so I don't know. My priority is Wall E." Stanton, however, gave Burtt an out, saying "I think we can find a way to work that out. Nobody is denying Indiana Jones."


It's not often Ben Burtt gives a live demo of his sound design, and I was enraptured as he used a small keyboard to show off some of his extensive work for the (mostly) dialogue-free Wall-E.


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