Saturday, July 14, 2007

Interview: Glenn Jamison, Audio Lead @ Relic Entertainment

With vehicles, the sound you hear is really shaped by the sound tool. The engines are made up of multiple elements, usually 2 main engine loops (low and hi), a load loop (for when they’re going up an incline), a rumble loop, idle loop, track loop, suspension rattles (usually two kinds, hi and lo) gear shifts and turrets etc. These sounds change dynamically based on various game variables, such as the velocity of the vehicle, the RPM value, the gear the vehicle is in, the surface being traveled on etc. Various effects are mapped to each sound based on the values of these variables. So EQs change the engine to get brighter as it gets faster. The rumble, tracks and surface loops all come up in volume as speed increases. When the vehicle start to go up a hill, we’ll pitch all the engine sounds down and then bring up the volume of the load loop (whining engine sound) which makes it sound like the engines are stressing out.

[read the full article - via Buggo, a.k.a Allie Henze, Relic Community Manager]

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