Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Kyma Ambisonic Toolkit

NeverEngine Labs presents KAT, the first realtime #Ambisonic synthesis library for the Kyma sound design language - it's been a pleasure working with Cristian Vogel and Anders Tveit on the toolkit development!

What is Ambisonics? 


Ambisonics is a method for recording, mixing and playing back a 360-degree sphere of sound coming from different directions around a center point. This center point is where the listener’s sweet spot is located while playing back. Ambisonics can create a smooth, stable and continuous sphere of sound, complete with elevation, where sounds are easily represented as coming from above, below, in front or behind the user. Ambisonics is “speaker-agnostic.” It can be decoded to any speaker array or headphones, without being restricted by the limitations of any specific playback system.

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