Wednesday, April 06, 2011

KISS2011 Call for Proposals

The third annual Kyma International Sound Symposium (KISS2011) will take place from 16-18 September 2011 at Casa Da Musica, architect Rem Koolhaas' dramatic new music venue in Porto, Portugal.

Inspired by Portugal's proud history of navigators who set out to explore beyond the known and visible horizon, the theme of this year's symposium is "Explorando o espaço do som" (Exploring Sound Space) in honor of those who are exploring new methods, concepts, and ideas, beyond the familiar horizons in sound and music.

Call for Proposals

Universidade do Porto and Symbolic Sound invite you to share your ideas, experiences and results with fellow practitioners by submitting a proposal related to this year's theme, including topics ranging from the most literal to the most abstract definitions of sound, space, and exploration.

The KISS2011 program will also include master classes on sound design, CapyTalk, and other Kyma topics, plus the annual demonstration of what's new in Kyma this year.

[more info about the Call for Proposal here]

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