Tuesday, November 11, 2008

De Musica 2008: the creativity factory

DE MUSICA 2008, the week-long workshop by Nuova Consonanza will be conducted by Alvise Vidolin. He is one of the protagonists of experimentation in electronics and he collaborated with the most important composers of the 20th century. A pioneer of computer music, he is a sound director and interpreter of Live Electronics.

The workshop is focused on the elaboration of sound in real time and the use of computer for contemporary music, through the analysis of electroacoustic works by composers Vidolin has worked with. He will also explore the most updated systems of elaboration in real time and their application in multimedia field.

Lessons will be subdivided into three sections:
listening and analysis
experimental workshop and practice

Theoretical lessons will develop the following subjects: process of live elaboration of voices and instruments; sound spatialization; techniques of live interaction and performance practice; system design for live electronics; performance environment design.
Analysis of live-electronics works by Giorgio Battistelli, Adriano Guarnieri, Luigi Nono and Salvatore Sciarrino will be carried out for solo, ensemble or musical theatre.
The workshop will take place in Max/MSP environment and will include the analysis and rehearsal of the pieces for the final concert.

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