Thursday, September 27, 2007

Between Thought and Sound: Graphic Notation in Contemporary Music

The Kitchen - Center for video, music, dance, performance, film+literature (NYC).

September 7–October 20, 2007

Exploring the intersection of drawing and sound, this show includes experimental scores by more than thirty composers who have relinquished traditional musical notation in favor of their own invented visual systems employing graphic or pictorial elements. Their musical compositions take the form of abstract drawings, videos, and digital renderings filled with complex pictograms, evocative mark-making, gestural symbols, and intricate codes of numbers, letters, and color. These highly personal vocabularies are the catalysts for a social process of translation and open-ended interpretation between composer and performer. Among the artists included in the exhibition are: Cathy Berberian, Morton Feldman, Alvin Lucier.

Exhibition Hours:

Tue-Fri, 12-6pm; Sat 11-6pm FREE

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