Matteo Milani is both a sound designer and an advocate for the sound design profession—past, present, and future. Over the past few years, he has been systematically documenting the work of the film sound design pioneers, from the most celebrated to the (undeservedly) overlooked. Matteo's genuine passion for the profession and generosity of spirit leads him to promote the work of all sound designers. A restless curiosity drives him to continually seek out and become an early adopter of new forms of communication for the purposes of expanding, documenting and celebrating his love for sound art and sound designers. Through Unidentified Sound Object he explores the intriguing and increasingly blurry boundary between live surround-sound interactive sound design and electronic music composition. The U.S.O. blog presents an intriguing mix of news ranging from European experimental music to Hollywood blockbusters, all presented with the same enthusiasm and delight in the art and technology of sound." - Carla Scaletti