Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Transmission Apparatus" Sound Effects Library Preview

Coming soon from Unidentified Sound Object is "Transmission Apparatus", a construction kit to create a wide palette of communication sounds, from real to “alien” broadcasting signals.

Available November 2014 on

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

From Organs to Organs — KISS2014: Organic Sound

From organs (biological) to organs (musical), this year’s Kyma International Sound Symposium (#KISS2014), to be held in Lübeck Germany on 25-28 September 2014, will explore multiple meanings of the phrase “organic sound” through technical talks, live performances, and hands-on workshops. 

Events will kick off with the unveiling of a major new release of the Kyma software and feature technical/philosophical sessions on topics ranging from voice processing, to sonification of organic chemicals and the Internet, to organic growth and decay, to how to build your own performance controller and use it to control Kyma via OSC, to presentations by individual composer/performers detailing how they utilize Kyma in their live performances and installations. 

Check out the lineup of presenters, composers, performers and Kyma experts here: 

Discounts are available for students and for anyone registering before 1 August 2014. 

For travel and lodging information, please visit: 

More information 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gary Rydstrom - Unexpected Sounds

Here's my guest post "Gary Rydstrom’s Talk from VIEW", originally published on Designing Sound

Last year, Skywalker Sound’s Gary Rydstrom, joined for the first time the roster at View Conference – Italy’s leading computer graphics symposium – following Randy Thom in 2011. His feature presentation was called UNEXPECTED SOUNDS. The 19th October 2012, inside the Cavour Hall, at the conference center “Torino Incontra”, professionals and sound lovers coming from different countries, gathered to be part of this unique moment.

Now, we have the opportunity to present here at Designing Sound, the polished session of Gary at VIEW. The recording I made directly from the console to my Zoom H4 has been possible thanks to Maria Elena Gutierrez, director of the Festival. In this one-hour podcast, Gary talks about the art of sound design and illustrates how sound is being used and how it can be better used to tell stories. You’ll listen to many examples of raw sound effects recordings, designed sounds, and mixes from Pixar films, and live-action films such as “T2,” “Jurassic Park” and “War Horse”.

Enjoy… and thanks Gary for your invaluable experience!


A special thanks to Shaun Farley and Peter Albrechtsen