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Kyma Ambiences [USO003] is the third sound effects bundle created by Matteo Milani. The generation of these "Artificial Reality Ambiences" starts entirely in Symbolic Sound Kyma from the processing of white and pink noise by filtering - in the time/spectral domains - and convolving these sources with custom FM, additive, formant and granular synthesis.

The composition’s resource of sound material is drawn solely from these processed stochastic sound elements: coloured noise is a raw material already full of life and can be sculpted into a variety of temporal forms, movements and textures. The interaction with Kyma was typical of a composer who explored a device’s potential for sound transformation like a musical instrument. The goal was to obtain an organic and acoustic quality using only a restricted sound source, in order to evoke real spatial characteristics attached to each invented sound.

The sound effects collection is published @ 96kHz (native), plus a budget version @ 48kHz (resampled). “Kyma Ambiences vol.1” is not only available in these two packages, but also as dual-layer separated “Elements”, suitable for recombinant stratification, varispeed and spatial positioning in the surround field (for a total of 112 files @ 96kHz).

Here is what you get in “Kyma Ambiences vol.1”:
  • Stereo Interleaved Files (56 items, duration 120s each)
  • Comma-separated values file (.csv)
  • Excel spreadsheet (.xls)
  • License Agreement (.pdf)
  • Artwork (.jpg)

Three flavours:     

48 kHz (small): $ 49 - via PayPal  

Audio Format: Broadcast Wave Files (.wav)
Bit Depth: 24-bit  Size: 1.97 GB
Download size is 1.50 GB (compressed .rar archive)

96 kHz (medium): $ 79 - via PayPal 

Audio Format: Broadcast Wave Files (.wav)
Bit Depth: 24-bit  Size: 3.93 GB
Download size is 2.78 GB (compressed .rar archive)

Elements (large): $ 99 - via PayPal    

Audio Format: Broadcast Wave Files (.wav)
Sample Rate: 96 kHz
Bit Depth: 24-bit  Size: 7.86 GB
Download size is 4.99 GB (compressed .rar archive)

Choose your size:

Unseen Noises [USO002]

Electromagnetic informations are invisible and omnipresent. In every city, especially the big ones, an infinite number of electromagnetic waves is hidden: we can't hear them, but they're everywhere! With Unseen Noises [USO002] we explored this invisible noise pollution transducing electromagnetic fields into audio signals with a telephone pickup: it acts like a radio antenna for hum and weird electromagnetic noises.

We plugged it into a SONOSAX SX-R4 recorder, moving it close to electrical devices - like a stethoscope - to locate interesting and curious sounds, just like LCD television, internet antennas, lighting systems, transformers, game consoles, tablet, electronic security systems, scanners, computer monitors and hard-drives, printers, navigation systems, fax machines...

All of the audio files have been embedded with metadata for detailed and accurate searches in your asset management software. 

Here is what you get in "Unseen Noises":
  • Stereo Files (40 items)
  • Tab-delimited file (.csv)
  • Excel spreadsheet (.xls)
  • License Agreement (.pdf)
  • Artwork (.jpg)

Audio Format: Broadcast Wave Files (.wav)
Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Bit Depth: 24-bit
Size: 2.43 GB
Download size is 1.9 GB (compressed .rar archive)

Price: $ 30 - via PayPal

Hologram Room - vol.1 [USO001]

Hologram Room [USO001] is the first bundle of the abstract Sound Design Collection produced by Matteo Milani.

These two gigabytes of “ready to use” original sound elements are designed to help you sweetening and enhancing your sound production. The whole library is organized in eight main folders: Active Drones, Alarms, Blips, Buttons, Communications, Ignitions, Telemetries, Transitions. It provides a selection of out of this world drones and ambiences, futuristic sound effects and electronic tools.

All of the audio files have been embedded with metadata for detailed and accurate searches in your asset management software.

Here is what you get in "Hologram Room - vol.1":
  • Folders:
    • Active Drones (81 items)
    • Alarms (26 items)
    • Blips (52 items)
    • Buttons (62 items)
    • Communications (18 items)
    • Ignitions (34 items)
    • Telemetries (35 items)
    • Transitions (123 items)
  • Tab-delimited file (.csv)
  • Excel spreadsheet (.xls)
  • License Agreement (.pdf)
  • Artwork (.jpg)

Audio Format: Broadcast Wave Files (.wav)
Sample Rate: 48 kHz
Bit Depth: 24-bit
Size: 1.87 GB
Download size is 1.23 GB (compressed .rar archive)

Price: $ 25 - via PayPal

Multi-User Licensing Overview

Your purchase of any sound library grants you a lifetime non-transferable worldwide license for synchronization rights only. You are allowed to create a single working copy of all sounds contained within the product to store as a backup. The sounds are to be used only for the authorized purposes as defined in our End User License Agreement.
Every purchase of our product includes permission for you to access the sounds from up to 1 workstations installed at 1 address location (on-site, the primary location or physical address of the Licensee, at which the hard disk or other storage medium is housed). There is no fee.
U.S.O. sound effects libraries require organizations with multiple users to be properly licensed and pay additional installationthe sounds from 2 or more on-site workstations, one time purchase. There are no yearly fees. 

Multi-User License Fee Schedules are available upon request.

Customer reviews

Can't wait to check it out!!!  As soon as I heard the demo on designing sound I didn't even listen to the whole thing before I snagged it! - Chris Fonte  
Nice library of stuff! - David Farmer  
Look forward to more libraries you'll have to offer in the future. I've been impressed. - Ryan Bloomer  
Just grabbed Unseen Noises. Great stuff. Wow. - Kelly Pieklo  
Thank you for these awesome sounds! And thank you for your inspiring blog! - Franz Danksagmüller  
Keep up the great work with your sounds, loving the unusual stuff you do !!!  Byron Bullock