Saturday, January 23, 2010

Live Electronics: a conversation with Michele Tadini

18th Festival Milano Musica
Percorsi di Musica d'oggi
@ Teatro Franco Parenti
Milan, 22nd October 2009

Michele Tadini live and work in Paris. He composes music for soloist, ensemble, orchestra, with or without electronics, for theater, dance and interactive installation, collaborates with video-makers, painters, directors and writers. He was the chief of production at AGON acustica informatica musica (Milan), co-directed Centro Tempo Reale (Florence) and, now, coordinates the activity of IRMus, Istituto di Ricerca Musicale (Milan). His music is performed all over Europe, USA, South America, Canada and Japan. He recently earned the Prix Italia with the radio-opera "La Musica Nascosta". He teaches composition and technologies in the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse of Lyon. He has an intense activity of conferences and master classes. Suvini Zerboni, Rai Trade and Edipan publish his music.

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The 'live electronics' is the real-time electronic processing of acoustic instruments and voices. This practice has infinitely expanded the horizon of compositions. Michele Tadini reflects with U.S.O. Project about the historical aspects of electroacoustic music of the last 50 years.
The concert presents works of composers Tadini, Francesconi, Manzoni, Stroppa and Boulez. It will available for deferred broadcast Sunday, January 24, 8:30 p.m. (GMT+1) on RAI-Radio 3.

Michele Tadini (1964)
...da viva Voce (2009)
for Voice and electronics

Luca Francesconi (1956)
Animus II (2007)
for Viola and electronics
IRCAM Commission (Paris)

Giacomo Manzoni (1932)
Sei canti dal Kokin Shū (2007)
for Soprano and live electronics
MiTo SettembreMusica Commission

Marco Stroppa (1959)
I will not kiss your flag (2005)
for augmented Trombone and chamber electronics
Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik Commission

Pierre Boulez (1925)
Anthèmes 2 (1992/1997)
for Violin and electronics

Laura Catrani, Soprano
Garth Knox, Viola
Benny Sluchin, Trombone
Jeanne-Marie Conquer, Violin

Michele Tadini, sound director
Luca Francesconi, sound director
Alfonso Alberti, Keyboard
Marco Stroppa, sound projection

Special thanks:
Cecilia Balestra - Associazione Milano Musica
Michele Tadini