Wednesday, August 29, 2007

graphicalSound: colours of noise

U.S.O. Project has released 'graphicalSound: colours of noise', an audio journey into computer music.

[Artwork: Marikappa]

The compositional editing of synthetic and 'plausible' sounds, is a timbre research with the dynamics of a conscious dream and where the story is the sound itself.
Pulses, grainy and tiny particles develop into textures that represent the constantly changing pathway driving the listener to a higher level of abstraction.
Non-linear, disturbing sound perspectives morph into impalpable sandy objects that suddenly dissolve into shadow and erupt into a euphony that rarely inhabits the stereo field.
Inharmonic spectra share a living space with harmonic sound-beings, evoking a subconscious world that everyone is invited to join.

[free download - mp3 - 50MB]

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